Email login: Create Gmail account

Email login Gmail,  is very easy. This great service that brings so many benefits, is free. Access this link, if you want quick access for the total registration.

create gmail account

Gmail was evolving little by little, before it was not so popular, now, it is the largest email service in the world. Choosing this messaging system is going to be the best choice. Also dominates in the mobile devices sector, if you have a mobile device, you can make the most of this super service.


Create an account in Gmail, Email login


Create Gmail account is very easy, then we will follow some steps to create Gmail account in a short time. You will see that not only Gmail, but all the emails, are based on easy steps for its creation.

Go to the following link,, once you are inside the page, click on Create account.
A new form will be presented, which we have to complete. Writing our data in detail. You have to do it in the corresponding fields.

At the end, there will be a notification that the account has been created, you have to follow the link to go to the top of the page.

The next step is to write the email login, remember that it was the one you created. Then press on.
In addition, you have to remember the password that you previously wrote in the form, just write and click on Log in.
Next, you will be asked to place the password you had generated in the form, place it and then press the “Login” button.

If the entered data is verified correctly, you can access without any drama, to conticuacion you will be presented the main Gmail tray.


Email login Gmail

Access the Gmail account quickly, by clicking on the following link Then complete the empty fields, writing our data. We have to remember what our email and password are. With the data named, written correctly, we will access directly to the e-mail message inbox.

Once we enter, at the start of the session in Gmail, you will have benefits, for example, access to other services, all with a single account.

The advantage of logging into Gmail is that you can access the other services; without having to create other additional accounts.

It is very easy to enter, with these brief steps. We must remember that Gmail is very safe, we should not fear for the security of our data.


Recover Gmail password

create gmail account password

Usually people often forget the password, it usually happens to most people who create a Gmail account. Below we will see a series of steps to learn how to recover the password.

First we will check the credentials of the web browser that we use, you have to go to the configuration options of the browser, here we will register if the credentials were stored.

If not worked, we go to the second step. You should remember the phone number or the alternative email address that we wrote at the time we created the account. Gmail will contact you, and will send you a link to recover the account.

Email login applications Gmail

create gmail account app


Email login Gmail for Android

Having Gmail in the mobile device, specifically in the operating system is Android, can be very useful. You have your colleagues connected to any place you address.
It is easy to use Gmail  Andorid, Gmail was in charge of working hard to give comfort to all the users that use this interface.

If you want to install Gmail on your Andorid, first you have to go to the Google Play Store, search for the application with the corresponding name, in this case you would look for it with the name Gmail, download it, then click on Install.

To access the application you must have an account created Gmail, otherwise you can not enter. If you already have the account created, to enter the application you must type username and password, and finally we will access the Gmail Mail inbox.


Email login Gmail for iOS

First we have to access the App Store site, where all the applications are.
Here we will have to write in the address bar the word Gmail, choose the first option that appears with the same name, click on the download button. It will be installed the moment it is downloaded.
When we finish the download and installation process, we proceed to login, it will be synchronized with our device. In the case that is not sincoronize, access your username and password.

Gmail is very well adapted to multiple platforms, you will not have problems when using the application.


Gmail for Windows Phone

We will talk about MetroMail, an email client, give access to Gmail, we use this option, because it is not easy to access the official Gmail application, due to the rivalry between Microsoft and Google.

First we have to look for MetroMail from the Microsoft Store, when you find it go to, Get the Application.
You have to write the data of your Gmail account, once installed. Then it will suggest that you configure notifications.

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